Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Last night at work, me and some of my colleagues were on break. We were smoking and gossiping about one incident. Everybody is giving their own opinion and all. I was a little lost and just wanna make sure where the conversation is going and who we are talking.

I asked them:

"Who's that? The fat girl with the big a*s?"

One of them answered:

"Not her, not the one who looks like a p*g!"

We noticed, someone is laughing silently at our back. We didn't know that the girl we are describing is just near us and might be hearing us all along. Of course we didn't mean anything bad. It's just one of those conversation with your buds. Me and my colleagues were laughing so hard, and we all feel a little embarrassed as well. We are not being mean, it's just one of those unguarded dialogues... =)

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