Sunday, January 15, 2012



Sending a random text message and asking "how are you doing" doesn't always mean you like the person. I might think of you at times but it doesn't really mean I want you in my life. Don't flatter yourself too much - PLEASE!


Here in my room, in front of my computer all day, don't want to go out, don't want to mingle, I just feel like being a lazy ass today! Oh yeah, this is one of those days. But I do loving it when I'm like this sometimes. It's a "me alone time" and I've grown to love it. 

Monday, January 2, 2012


Not everything you have stays forever. But there are things you would be glad to fight for, just so you can have them longer.


One of my Boss sent a New Year's message on our email which is truly inspiring that I would want to share it here in my blog.

As we bid adieu to 2011, we should also bid adieu to the loads of tensions that we carry in our head. Whenever life closes one door that we thought was ideal, it opens another one that is even better - just that at times we realize it a bit later. Offload the word 'MISTAKES' from your life and replace it with 'OPPORTUNITIES' - learn from day to day things in life but ensure that you are progressing. Wishing 2012 opens million such doors for each one of you.

The message is truly inspiring. I agree that we should learn from the day to day things in our lives. At times we just don't realize that the simple learning from our everyday life is actually what we need for growth and success. Not enough for us to just learn, we also need to apply what we learn.


Around 2am, after the fireworks of New Year's Eve, me and some friends meet up and went to the first sunrise party of 2012. It was a drink all you can event, non-stop music and all. The night was indeed full of fun, we drink like there's no tomorrow and dance like no one's watching. We literally tired ourselves by partying till sunrise!

Then after the party, while walking on our way to the parking, we suddenly thought of going to Tagaytay. With the crazy minds that all of us have, we actually went straight to Tagaytay! 

As they say, unplanned events are the greatest! We all had a superb time. Wait, does this mean that we'll be partying like this all year through? Uhm, okay then, doesn't really matter. LOL

** Photos from my friend's cam **


Welcoming 2012 with family. Spent New Years's eve at our house then 1st lunch of 2012 at my Tita's house. I don't have any sleep at all because right after I celebrated New Year's eve at home, me and some friends went to the 1st sunrise party. So sleepy but still happy spending the first day of 2012 with my family. 

** Photos from my cam **

Nothing beats simple gatherings with your family - PRICELESS!


To my agents, supervisors, colleagues, friends - thank you all for the gifts. More than ever it's the thought that really counts. You guys made me feel so loved. :)

** Photo from my phone **


Christmas parties - it feels good to forget about usual stuffs and simply have fun at once. The recent holiday season was indeed a blast!

 GLITTERATI PARTY: It's our company's Christmas party held at Eton Centris. The night was full of glamour as they make it look like a fashion show. So nice to see and meet other peeps from other accounts.

** Photos from my friend's cam **

SAN DIEGO CHARGERS CHRISTMAS PARTY: It's my team's exchanging of gifts. We decided not to just have exchange gifts but to have our own Christmas party as well. It was held at Virginia and Boy Resort, my agent's own it so we don't need to pay for the place anymore and just had pot luck for foods. I asked them to made their code names as cartoon characters or super heroes and on the party itself, I told them to "Be Your Character". Meaning, they need to wear clothes or anything that will represent their code names. All of us had fun on that day.

** Photos from my cam **

DITCHES CHRISTMAS PARTY: We were invited by our colleagues to attend this Christmas party. It was like a dinner get together with their friends in which we know some, and of course, we were able to meet others too. It was a simple dinner at a resto in Quezon City, the night was full of stories and laughter. Everyone wore a head dress for that night. 

** Photos from my friend's cam and mine **

Christmas is indeed a time for gift giving and all. But more than anything, it's a day to really appreciate all the blessings we receive and give thanks to our Creator. I hope everyone had a great Christmas!