Thursday, December 17, 2009


i've got everything I need except a man.
and I'm not one of those women
who thinks a man is the answer to everything,

but I'm tired of being alone...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Holiday season is now approaching
and I still have a lot of things to accomplished. I was already invited to a lot of christmas parties and reunions and I still am not sure if I can make it to all those gatherings. I would really love to go in each and every party but my work just won 't let me. Got so much to do at work. Unless they would always adjust to when I am free, haha. What a selfish bitch!

I was already able to attend one christmas party (more to go, i hope). Parties we're always good. It makes you forget about certain things for a while and just want to have fun. We already had our christmas party at work and it was nice to just have fun with colleagues and not worry about work this time. The party was a blast. We came there around 9pm and we ended it at 5am. We we're all overwhelmed by alcohol. Lol.

this is caused by too much alcohol...

but nice shot, right? haha..

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


For the past days, I had been busy at work. There were times that I only get to have 1 rest day for a week. This is not me. I was usually so lazy to go to work, hating overtimes, never want to stay at the office for a long time and would immediately want to go home right after work. But now is different. I am staying at the office for like 12 to 13 hours a day and taking overtime during my rest day for 6 hours.

I am beginning to be a workaholic. I am liking it though, maybe because I just don't have anything to do back home that's why I would rather stay at the office and burn my time there. Well, I am getting paid well, that's one good thing, and I do make sure I have fun and hang out with friends once in a while.

Holidays are soon approaching, and I still don't feel the spirit that much. Maybe because I am occupied with my job at this moment. But I am now sensing that this holiday season would make me a lot more busy coping up with old friends and relatives. Gotta get myself ready for that.