Saturday, April 30, 2011


It's a Saturday night 
and I feel like drinking some bottle of beers.

Happy Weekend!


Spent Friday night at home and splurge on watching a movie. Tell you what, the story was old and common, but it still is a feel good movie. It's about two friends who gets into having sex but to protect their friendship, they made a rule on their relationship that it'll be "no strings attached". That means, no commitment, no jealousy, no fighting, no promises, etc. - it's all about sex! The movie goes with the question: Can you have sex without love getting in the way? 

You might have a strong hint how the story is going to end. Well, yes, they ended up together. They both realized that they do love each other and would want to make the relationship work. One thing I've learned about the movie - know when to give in on love. Because some persons felt afraid and would want to protect themselves by the pain that love brings, which results in pushing love away. Then it might be too late when you are all ready to love again. Experiencing love comes with risk. :)


Tapsilog craving? Try Lai-Lyn's Catering tapsilog! The place is just a few minutes away from my workplace. After shift, me and some colleagues would go there to simply eat, sometimes our food is accompanied by a couple bottle of beers. Haha. Their food is really nice, they offered catering services and have this little place where they serve very affordable meals too. Not only it is affordable but delicious as well! Yum. My favorite is their tapsilog, whenever I'm there, I can't resist ordering their tapsilog. Now, I'm hungry. LOL!

Lai-Lyn's Catering
#8 E. Rodriguez Ave., Sto Nino, Marikina City
933-09-78 / 997-7672

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


A friend took these photos while I am checking the accessories available at a bazaar. For the record, I am not a shopaholic! Yes, I do love to shop, it removes the hell out of me, but I am not a shop till you drop kinda girl. Love at first sight always happened to me though, whenever I am in a mall and something I really like catches my eye, I have to bring it home. Because if not, I'll kept on thinking about it, imagine how hard it is? LOL! Shopping somehow helps me get relaxed, it's like a therapy. =)

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Jesus died so I might live.
Jesus suffered so I might be healed.
Jesus spoke not a word so I might hear the Word.
Jesus loved so I might know.

Blessed and Happy Easter to ALL!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Me and my friend Slice went to Lipa, Batangas over the weekend. We stayed at her friend's place. It was not a planned visit, it's actually a last minute thing. We just wanted to go somewhere that weekend and ended up going there. 

On our second day there, that was Sunday, I craved for coffee. We were planning to go to Starbucks Lipa, but Ate Karen, who is a true blue Batanguena mentioned that there's a coffee shop near Starbucks Lipa that tastes the same like Starbucks' coffee but is actually made from Kapeng Barako. Batangas is known for their strong tasting Kapeng Barako and is usually served hot brewed. But Cafe de Lipa made it with different twists and keep up with other famous coffee shops. They also served iced coffee, frappes, lattes and yummy pastries that will go along with your choice of coffee. 

Their coffee is so good, it's just like your favorite coffees at Starbucks. The ambiance is so nice too. I feel proud that we Filipinos can also make a world class kind of coffee. They have several branches as well, but mostly in Lipa, Batangas. I hope they expand more to different places, they'll definitely beat other known coffee shops.

- Slice -

- with Ate Karen -

Coffee Lover!

Cafe de Lipa
Main Branch : 
32 San Carlos Drive, Mataas na Lupa 
Lipa City, Batangas

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'm beautiful in my way
'Cause God makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track baby
I was born this way

A feel good song to end my day. I am in love with Maria the first time I heard her singing this song. She's an adorable and talented kid. No wonder Lady Gaga was amazed with her. I actually like Maria's version of Born this Way more than Lady Gaga's. =)


rules forcibly 
by fear and intimidation.

guides gently and is followed willingly 
with respect and admiration.

Who do you prefer? 

Monday, April 11, 2011


I've neglected my blog these past few days. There's just a lot going on lately, even sleeping was like a task that you need to do just because your body needs to. But if not, seems like I won't be sleeping to keep up with all the things I have to do. The longest hours of sleep I could have this past few days is 5 hours. 

It's not just about work but other stuffs too. I already have a full plate with many side dishes. My world is too crowded lately. I'm not complaining, it's actually much better to have a crowded world than an isolated one. I just need to remind myself when to slow down if stuffs are getting out of hand. Well, I am learning how. =)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Me and my best girl Marriah haven't gone out and bond lately. We are occupied by our own stuffs in life. The last time we went out was like 2 weeks ago and that is with my good friend Slice. Though we work at the same company, we haven't take our breaks together that much 'coz we have different schedules. On her last break earlier, she dropped by at my station and asks how am I doing. I answered "I'm okay", then she stared at me for a second and asks again with "Why? What's wrong?" I said there's just a lot going on lately. Then she argue that I am not okay. She waited until my end of shift as she dismiss at work an hour early than me, and offered a coffee date to talk things over. 

Sometimes that's just what we need. A friend that is willing to accompany you during those bad days. They really don't need to give their advices, just listening to your wimps and letting you feel that they'll be there is enough.


It's one of those days again. I don't know how to describe exactly how I feel but one thing is certain - I am not okay. I hope that this will eventually pass. It's hard to contain this kind of disturbance by myself but I also don't want to affect the people around me by this desolation. People who knew me so well can sense if something's not right, they would normally asks "What's wrong? Any problem?". Me, being the selfless person would normally wear a smile and will say "Nothing, I'm okay." They would ask for the second time and I would crack a joke as to avoid the conversation. I'm that type of person, I don't want to bother other people by my dilemmas. 

I'm not a quitter, I have a very long patience, I should say. That's why I guess friends often tell that they adore the fighter in me. But there also comes a point that you just want to give up, pack up your things, leave, find somewhere new, start over and hope for the best. There were also times that I felt like failing is the only option. But I remind myself that it would not help me in any other way. Then I wait till that spur of low spirit comes off.

They might see a strong person in me but part of me still wants to weep. I'm tired of being told I'm strong and letting them believe that I am. For once, I would like to be as weak as I feel.....

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Yesterday, me and some colleagues went for breakfast after our shift. We decided to dine at Sweet Maddie's Avenue. They are offering Filipino Cuisine. It's a casual dining and they do catering as well for special occasions. The foods are good, it's like the foods your Mom will cook at home or as what we called "Lutong Bahay". 

What's in the table?

The fish is called 'daing na bangus', which is my fave. This meal is served with sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (egg), your choice if you wanted the egg to be cooked as scrambled or sunny side-up. Most of us ordered this meal.

Beef tapa with fried rice and egg. I ordered this first, Tapsilog is one of my favorite food as well. But since it doesn't tastes like beef tapa, I ordered Daingsilog too. Voracious appetite right? LOL!

"Pork Belly Meal"
I haven't tasted it but my colleague says it's good. You might see a beer at the background. Oh yes, the boys were drinking beer while taking their breakfast. Haha.

I love Filipino Cuisine! 
It never failed. =)

Sweet Maddie's Avenue
#42 General Ordonez St. 
Marikina Heights, Marikina City


Have you fooled someone last April Fool's Day? I did! LOL. I changed my relationship status at Facebook from being "single" to "in a relationship". I was surprised to see a lot of my friends who liked the status and leave their comments. I can't help but laugh on what they are saying. Some was so curious to know who that person is, some were teasing me while some are sending their happy wishes. Hahahhaha. It seems that they were all waiting for me to be "in a relationship". OMG! Haha. It's really funny. But it's heart-felting to see some of my friends' comments saying how happy they are that I've found someone. Oh yeah, it would really be nice if I already found that guy for me, but the thing is, I haven't yet. LOL. They've been fooled!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Me and my good friend Slice decided to eat out after our shift last Wednesday. I invited her to try this place I saw online, the place is actually called SKOW and I wanted to blog about it. But unfortunately, it's not yet opened so we ended up dining at Casa Feliz which is just a few blocks away from SKOW. It's my second time to be at Casa Feliz. The first time I went there was with my team, we had our team dinner there. Their specialty are cakes and pastries but they also served appetizers, pastas, burgers, pizza, etc. I haven't really like their food that much, it's okay and good, but not so exceptional for me.

What's in the table?

"Vida Verde Tea" 
It's their very own recipe. It says on the menu that it's a green tea with pistachio nuts. It tasted like sans rival, a little chewy because of the pistachios maybe. But I've liked it, a must try! By the way, it has fresh fruits on top which I didn't eat. I can't distinguish what fruit that is. Haha!

"Chocolate Cake"
We didn't like it. The texture of the cake is not good, even the icing doesn't tastes good. =( 

"Buffalo Wings"
This tastes good. Not so fabulous like other buffalo wings but the little kick of it's spicy sauce and the garlic mayo completes that meal. It sure is nice to go with rice. 

Vida Verde Tea 
wins over 
Chocolate Cake. 

 Slice - 
are you not enjoying 
your slice of chocolate cake? 

Buffalo wings and rice! 

We still enjoyed though, the customers are just us two then. So it's like we own the place. Casa Feliz looks like a garage style of dining and they have this huge white tent as their ceiling with fancy chandelier lights hanged on it. Plus they offer free WiFi too. Sorry I was too lazy to take photos of their place coz I was really planning to blog about SKOW, which didn't happen. 

Oh well, their slice of cake for a minimum price of Php70 is affordable enough. They have big servings for cakes. I've tasted their blueberry cheesecake before, it's not that good for me as well. Ooopsss. But I think they still have a lot to offer. So if you'r into cakes, try them!

Casa Feliz
95 Rainbow St. Hacienda Heights 
Conception Dos, Marikina City     
(632) 933-6653