Monday, September 26, 2011


Date: September 24, 2011

Me and my high school girl friend Leslie decided to try this spa place called Spartea. It's a spa and at the same time, they are offering various kinds of tea. Les tried their best known Kiu Milk Tea, it's an ordinary tea with milk while I, ordered Strawberry Milk Tea which I like so much! I think I'll be addicted to milk tea now. We sipped into our teas while having our nails done. Too bad I was not able to take some photos as our nails are wet with the nail polish. VAIN - I know. Haha!

Then we went to the nearest cafe kinda bar called Arabiscato Cafe'. We weren't really hungry because of the tea but we would want to chill and have a chat, so we ended up drinking with bottles of beer and got some girl talk. It was a simple yet fun and relaxing time with a friend and we want to do this regularly. We planned on going back to Spartea so I can feature it here on my blog as well. Hmmmm, looking forward. :)

Below are photos from Arabiscato Cafe':

 Arabiscato Cafe' is a cozy place. There were also bands playing which starts at 8-9PM. We only ordered Buttered Chicken that night as we are full, and it tastes real good. It's price of Php180.00 (or Php160.00) is reasonable and we weren't expecting that it will have have a big serving. It's a nice place to hang out. 


Date: September 18, 2011

It was Djhaye's pizza treat then got some bucket of beers through the night. We planned this date 2 weeks before Sept. 18. Originally, this date was just Djhaye, Che, Zab and me. But they brought their partners along which is just fine. We missed each other so much and would simply want to bond. When we're all together, it's when we only realized that September 18 was the exact date that we had our 1st day of foundation training at NCO. That means that we've known each other for 2 years and we tend to keep the friendship we have for long. Though Djhaye is now currently working with another company and us 3 who are left at NCO have different schedules, we still find time to cope up with each other's businesses. And so this night was filled with lots of laughter and fun!

Beer Time


Here I go again, been occupied and can't find time to update my blog. Past weekends were fun as they were spent with good friends. Last Saturday (Sept. 17), me and my team for like a year decided to have some get together. It was like a reunion and farewell party as well. Reunion because new and old members of the team are invited and farewell because I'll be leaving them and will handle another team (which I am now). We visited this Turtles Family KTV at Marikina and it was a good place to hang-out, they have delicious food and nice ambiance. Everyone had a great time. Check out the pics below:

The place was nice. Check it out some time. And that same night, the Quality Team had their team building as well on the same place, they're just beside our room.  Hehe!

* S P O T T E D *

 Slice wearing white knitted sweatshirt, short jeans with braided brown belt and a caramel-colored flat shoes.

The white sweatshirt has this anchor accent at the top left which makes it trendy than just a white sweatshirt.

Braided brown belt 

Caramel-colored flat shoes

Monday, September 12, 2011


I love Kristen Stewarts's look. That grunge, rock chic look of her never failed to fascinates me. I love the fact that Chuck Taylor is one of her fave! I'm amazed how she manages to wear Chucks in her dress during those awards night and still look beautiful. Below are some looks of her that I like the best:

The photo below - see how other girl celebrities wear their dresses and high heels while Kristen wears a white polo, jeans and her Chucks but still looks pretty of them all. She is just so cool!

I am thinking of posting outfit of the day photos. Either mine or my friends or colleagues. Or maybe outfit for a specific event will do, 'coz an everyday outfit will be tough. I am not a fashionista but I do love clothes, shoes, accessories, all the girl things. I'll start working on those posts. Excited! :)


1. If you can't see the bright side, polish the dull side.
2. Kind words make good echoes.
3. Life is short, pray long.
4. The best things in life aren't things.
5. No God, no peace. Know God, know peace.
6. Life is a measure to be filled, not a cup to be drained.
7. When you're green with envy, you're ripe for trouble.
8. The tongue weighs practically nothing, but few can hold it.
9. We stand tallest when we stoop to help others.
10. We receive or achieve only when we believe.

happy Monday to everyone 
and have a great week ahead!