Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I just started the training with my new work last Monday. Everything is just new to me. New work, new rules, new environment, new colleagues, new building (you got it, new building!), new account (we are actually the pioneers) and so on. Whoa! I got overwhelmed by that.

Excited? Yeah, I can say that. I always feel thrilled when there are new things that is coming in my existence. I love changes! But I am also sensing something else. I really don't know how to describe it. Maybe awkward? I really am not sure. Well I guess, I am just feeling that way because of these new things.

Have to admit that I got so relaxed from my previous job, the people I've been working with, the environment etc. I think it is time to go out of my comfort zone and totally accept these changes that are happening to me. Still adjusting, but I know that in a short span of time, I'll be accustomed to it as well. I just need to give enough time for myself.

New beginnings... Don't have any idea what it will bring to me. Of course I am hoping for the best and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for that...

Sunday, September 20, 2009


if you don't act foolish
while you're young

then you won't have something
to smile about

when you're old...

so never be afraid to mess things up!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


" i don't wanna wait in vain for your love... "
Bob Marley

It's been a while... I had searched for love but it seems that it's nowhere to be found for me. What a hopeless romantic, I know! Love had given me a lot of heartaches that at times I just want to give up on it. But I am such a hard headed person and still never stop to look for it. Those heartaches never made me bitter or cynical about love. Instead, it just made me so eager to find the one that is just right for me.

People says, 'don't look for it, just wait and that will come'... True. But I guess I'm an impatient girl who is constantly looking for it. Haha. Well, I think it's time to just sit back and wait. On the back of my mind, I believe that one day love will come running to me. I'll be patiently waiting for that special day to come...

Thursday, September 17, 2009


i just missed being a kid...

playing non-stop all day
eating ice creams without caring if it's on your face
licking every flavor of lollipops
still liking chocolates until your tooth aches
watching cartoons all weekends
just wait for the school bus to come and fetch you
asking mom to help you with home works
letting dad to do the things you can't
waiting for Santa Claus on Holidays
spending summer on vacations
laughing out loud without a care
burst out a cry when you don't want anymore

to sum it all up...


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Just can't help but feel bad for Taylor Swift during the
MTV Video Music Awards. Kanye West was way too harsh. He had just ruined that supposed to be a special moment for Taylor Swift, which I think deserve the award as well. Beyonce is really good, no questions about that, but Taylor Swift had proved her worth too. It's okay to speak up your mind but we should not do that when we are already stepping on someone else's toes. We should know how to be sensitive on the feelings of others. Better think first before you do something that you will later regret. Beyonce had won the Video of the Year at the end of the evening, and it was just so nice of her calling Taylor Swift back on stage to have her moment. Kanye West did gave an apology for Taylor Swift, and that had just made him look more than a loser...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I was just browsing some blogs
when this title cau
ght my attention:

McDonald’s #1 everywhere: Except the Philippines!

and when I clicked on the link to open it,
this graphic reall
y made me laugh...

In the Philippines, we have our very own Jollibee...

They are like the rival food chains here in the Philippines. I guess Filipinos are just patronizing their own or they really like the food better in Jollibee than McDonalds. Haha. No offense meant, I know Ronald McDonald is loved around the world, have to admit that I myself is a certified lover of McDonald's desserts, so yummy. But I love the burger of Jollibee way too much than McDonalds. Lol. Peace everyone.

Monday, September 14, 2009


the difficulties of life

are intended to make us


Saturday, September 12, 2009


For the past weeks, I've been occupied with a series of job interviews. And one thing I've noticed, I was always having a hard time answering this question:

How do you see yourself 10 years from now?

A lot of times that I was being asked by this question but I always paused for a while and think of what I have to say. The first words that I always said was:

That was a tough question.

I still manage to give an acceptable answer though, just so to please the interviewer. Haha. But honestly, it was a hard question for me. Simple as it may sound, but can you really say what you're going to be 10 years from now?

I don't know if some people might find it hard to answer that question too. Maybe I'm just the type of person who doesn't plan that much. It's not that I don't know what I want in my life, I just believe that we should better take care of what we have now than worrying too much of what might happened tomorrow.

Is life so predictable that we can easily say what we are going to be 10 years from now? Do we really need to plan that much in advance? If living is just like that then people's lives should be perfect then. But life is so unpredictable, just like the popular saying goes:

Life is like a box of chocolates,
you never know wh
at you're gonna get.

So better yet to live your life to the fullest now and the future will take care of itself...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


rain, rain, go away,
come again another day...

It's been raining here since Friday and it still keeps on raining now. I hate rains, gives you a lazy mood. You really can't do a lot outside, such a hassle.

But then I remember, when I was a child, I used to like rains and would really want to go outside and play. But my Mom
just won't let me, she said that I'll just get sick if I do that. So I am just so envy to watched other kids play in the rain instead.

I started to hate rains as I grow older. Feels like you're missing a lot of fun, it makes you lazy to go out and don't have any choice but to stay home. And that's what I'm feeling now that it's raining, so lazy...

Monday, September 7, 2009


swim against the waves...
go against the flow...

When I read this phrase on one of my friend's wall on Facebook, it catches my attention. It is very well said that I couldn't stop wondering what it would mean for him.

I commented :

very well said...

then he answered :

but do it in a subtle way.. not stepping on anyone's toes..
win-win situation for everyone..

i answered back :

never afraid to break the rules huh..

then he explained :

something like that..
but not really breaking the one's you already knew.
because there are some rules
that are not known to many and they do work.
makes your life even more happy. this is one of them.

i asked :

trying to make a difference? just like anyone else..

he just replied with :

yes ma'am...

Then it leaves a question on my mind. His answers were vague for me, though I understand his explanation. I just thought that, yeah, some people are really breaking the rules to make a difference. While some are making their own rules to leave a mark. I guess we really don't need to do those things after all. I believe that we are different and unique in our own special ways. Be yourself and that alone is being different, no extra efforts needed. Just a thought...

Saturday, September 5, 2009


why am I so scared to lose you?
when you are not even mine...

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Always do what you want to do,
though the end may not always be what you hoped for,
but that’s fine,
at least you will never go through life wondering

This line had been my guide in life, and I can say that it had done much in me. Whenever I say this to myself, it gives me the courage to opt for what I want. I’ve been on this world for 25 years now and I happen to come across a lot of things. I treat life as a journey, wherein we have to decide which road we want to travel.

It’s hard when the time comes that you have to pick and choose. Me, I always go for what I feel at the moment. I was never afraid to make my dreams a reality and to do what I always wished for. But of course there are decisions in life that didn’t end up the way we expected it to be. I’ve done a lot of mistakes in my life and I am not ashamed of that, there’s not even a bit of resentment inside me. The reason is, because I wanted it, I myself decide for it and not other people. That is the pleasure of following your will.

What is the sense of freedom if we are not free to make mistakes? We are always afraid of not fitting into this world, of not being accepted, and that stopped us from doing what we have always wanted. A mistake in life doesn’t make a person less. Never think of mistakes as an end to your journey but rather think of it as one of those streets that will lead you to the road of success…

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


It's been three weeks now since I've resigned from work, and since then I've been spending my day in front of the computer. Watching videos, listening to musics, networking, chatting, blogging, editing pictures, games, everything you can do to a computer, name it, I've been doing that everyday. I smoke a lot than my usual just to get out of being bored. Then I eat, eat, eat and sleep, sleep, sleep. I go out once in a while when my friends are not at work, but I missed going to work too. Can't wait till next week to start my new work. Now I realized that boredom is such a pain in the ass!!!


tonight i've fallen and i can't get up
i need your loving hands to come and pick me up

and every night i miss you

i can just look up and know the stars are

holdin' you, holdin' you, holdin' you tonight

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


September 1... It's my Dad's birthday! We just had a simple and fun dinner with the whole family and my Dad's 57 now. Whoa!

One word to describe my Dad ... TRADITIONAL. He is a good provider, a loving and supporting father. I remember when I was younger, me and my Dad always clash. Maybe because we have the same personalities and the last thing we knew, we are already fighting. Well, I have to say that I'm not 'daddy's little sweet girl', I'm more likely 'daddy's problem child'. Hahaha. I don't know, before, I always want to get my father mad, not following what he wants me to do. Such a brat girl huh?

But of course I've changed. I understand that my father was just protective of me, and as a youth, you tend to be rebellious and just want to follow your own will. Being strict, that was my father's style. He always thought I can't do things the right way. Or maybe that what was I am thinking, I guess he is just afraid that I might not be able to handle things as they are.

Now that I am a grown up, I can see that my Dad respected my decisions now. It's nice that he is not telling me anymore what to do, but instead just give advices and remind me that he and my Mom will always be there behind my back. Just simply means that my Dad believes on my capacity now, and is not treating me a little girl anymore.