Sunday, June 13, 2010


It's Sunday morning, I am having my second cup of coffee with a pack of cigarette on the side. I love these kind of mornings. Sipping a hot coffee, smoking, chilling and so lazy... such a relaxing moment for me. Good morning everyone!


  1. Honey, smoking is not good for your health ;)

    I LOVE your new layout! Very classy and elegant. See, your photos look brighter and shine up the whole blog with the dark layout.

  2. @ Edlin: i know it's bad but i just can't help it.. i am also loving my new layout, just tried the new designs and put a little of my own..

  3. Ina, just to inform you that i have closed my blog. I received some threat from someone and feel very insecured and depressed. I hope you keep writing.

    Love, edlin

  4. @ Edlin: Why? What happened? I hope you make another blog, I am one of your biggest follower. I'll miss your writings.


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