Sunday, July 24, 2011


Us three have this thing about buying same shirts. 


Bought these shirts December 2009 at F&H. We really all wanted to have the black one but since there's no available sizes for them, they ended up buying different colors. We even went to the 3 nearest mall just to look for the black colored shirt. Haha. Why we called it PILIPINAS SHIRT? Because it has the Philippine Map at the top left of the shirt. At gusto lang  namen!


Bought these shirts July 2011 at Penshoppe. Well, we thought that we haven't bought same shirts again. We have always planned to buy but we always ended up thinking "Next time na lang!". So when we went recently to a mall and have our coffee time, we decided to buy same shirts for the 2nd time. I super love the caption that is on the shirt. So cool! :)

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