Monday, January 2, 2012


Around 2am, after the fireworks of New Year's Eve, me and some friends meet up and went to the first sunrise party of 2012. It was a drink all you can event, non-stop music and all. The night was indeed full of fun, we drink like there's no tomorrow and dance like no one's watching. We literally tired ourselves by partying till sunrise!

Then after the party, while walking on our way to the parking, we suddenly thought of going to Tagaytay. With the crazy minds that all of us have, we actually went straight to Tagaytay! 

As they say, unplanned events are the greatest! We all had a superb time. Wait, does this mean that we'll be partying like this all year through? Uhm, okay then, doesn't really matter. LOL

** Photos from my friend's cam **

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