Monday, January 2, 2012


Christmas parties - it feels good to forget about usual stuffs and simply have fun at once. The recent holiday season was indeed a blast!

 GLITTERATI PARTY: It's our company's Christmas party held at Eton Centris. The night was full of glamour as they make it look like a fashion show. So nice to see and meet other peeps from other accounts.

** Photos from my friend's cam **

SAN DIEGO CHARGERS CHRISTMAS PARTY: It's my team's exchanging of gifts. We decided not to just have exchange gifts but to have our own Christmas party as well. It was held at Virginia and Boy Resort, my agent's own it so we don't need to pay for the place anymore and just had pot luck for foods. I asked them to made their code names as cartoon characters or super heroes and on the party itself, I told them to "Be Your Character". Meaning, they need to wear clothes or anything that will represent their code names. All of us had fun on that day.

** Photos from my cam **

DITCHES CHRISTMAS PARTY: We were invited by our colleagues to attend this Christmas party. It was like a dinner get together with their friends in which we know some, and of course, we were able to meet others too. It was a simple dinner at a resto in Quezon City, the night was full of stories and laughter. Everyone wore a head dress for that night. 

** Photos from my friend's cam and mine **

Christmas is indeed a time for gift giving and all. But more than anything, it's a day to really appreciate all the blessings we receive and give thanks to our Creator. I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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