Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I awfully missed writing in my blog. There's just a lot of things running in my head and I can't wait to put them into words. I 'm gonna do it one at a time.

I've been invisible for quite a while because of some circumstances. Main reason is about the storm "ONDOY" that just terribly hit our place. I know that the news has been spread almost all across the country. That was the first time I got to experienced that kind of flood. It was as high as a 2 storey house. That incident really cause a lot of troubles that had made a lot of Filipinos suffer from this calamity.

But life has to move on. Good thing that my fellow countrymen are now getting back to track. It was one of those struggles that you would want to keep in mind and be thankful that life still has a lot to offer after all. It was tragic, yes, but we should never stop from that.

I was lucky enough to think that all my loved ones were safe. That thought alone made me appreciate more the simple things that come my way. I was never really religious but I do believe on our Creator and I just have a never ending 'thank you' for He never failed to boost my faith.

i just love life...


  1. What a mature way to look at life. I'm worried that I would be complaining had I been hit by a flood.

  2. @ Coffee With Marty : It's fine to complain once in a while. But I believe people have their own ways of surpassing every trials that comes their way. Thanks for dropping by...


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