Wednesday, December 9, 2009


For the past days, I had been busy at work. There were times that I only get to have 1 rest day for a week. This is not me. I was usually so lazy to go to work, hating overtimes, never want to stay at the office for a long time and would immediately want to go home right after work. But now is different. I am staying at the office for like 12 to 13 hours a day and taking overtime during my rest day for 6 hours.

I am beginning to be a workaholic. I am liking it though, maybe because I just don't have anything to do back home that's why I would rather stay at the office and burn my time there. Well, I am getting paid well, that's one good thing, and I do make sure I have fun and hang out with friends once in a while.

Holidays are soon approaching, and I still don't feel the spirit that much. Maybe because I am occupied with my job at this moment. But I am now sensing that this holiday season would make me a lot more busy coping up with old friends and relatives. Gotta get myself ready for that.


  1. Its very to develop workoholic. When I sit to work bit more than whatver I'm doing, my children and my better half starts missing me. I have to share my time among so many things. What to do!

  2. you missed a lot when you are so busy into something... :(


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