Wednesday, October 20, 2010


TREE HOUSE - it's one of my childhood fantasies. LOL! Every time I saw tree houses whether in movies or cartoons, I always think it would be so nice to have that aside from your own house. You and your playmates would just go there and play, it will be like your own territory with rules of your own.  It's just so cool! Too bad we don't have a backyard with trees. Haha! 

But it would really be nice to have one. Even now that I am all grown up, I still wanted to have a tree house. It can be a place wherein you can always go to when you want to be alone, away from everybody else and felt like you have a world of your own. Just like a hide out as they say. =)


  1. yeah! my mom made me choose when i was little
    a tree house or a bigger room....I chose the bigger room...hehehe

  2. you should have chose a tree house!


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