Tuesday, October 5, 2010


These were old photos taken when I was having my student teaching. Yes, I am an Education graduate and a licensed teacher. I was just not able to practice it after I graduated because I decided to work at a BPO company.

Every teacher has a mission. You can't help but be attached to your students, loving them like your own children and making sure they are on the right path. The pay you receive for this kind of profession might not be enough but seeing your students achieve their goals and thanking you for being a big part of their success makes the hardships all worth it.

Being an educator is not just a profession but rather a vocation. Every teacher should be a good example to their students. That's why I guess, I am too afraid to take that responsibility right now, because I know it will not be a piece of cake. You need to set your body and mind once you've decided to become a full pledged teacher. I am just so honest to say I am not yet ready to fulfill those duties.

But I miss teaching...

For all the teachers out there ~ 
Happy World Teachers' Day!

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