Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Tomorrow is going to be the first day of December and Christmas is fast approaching. I am not feeling the spirit of holidays which is totally fine with me. It's the month of Christmas but it seems that everyone was just to busy to think or even prepare for the holidays. I haven't seen much of Christmas decors or even the sparkling and colorful lights during this time of the year. 

 But I know that it's still going to be a happy day. Maybe people simply can't leave their ongoing whatever with work, school and all. Haha. Which is what I am experiencing right now. I can't find the right time to do my holiday shopping and I am hoping I'll be able to make it this week during my off. I need to prepare my list and check who's been naughty and nice this year. LOL! 

For me, Christmas is really a time for giving. Not that you only need to give gifts when it's Christmas. But gift-giving serves as a symbol of being thankful, it's also one way of expressing your greatness and love for that person who's receiving the gift. It needs not to be extravagant or expensive, as they always say, "It's the thought that truly counts."

Children were the main characters in this event. I believe that Christmas is the best holiday ever to a kid. Maybe because of the flowing gifts and the thought that Santa will grant all your wishes if you have just been good.

Now that I am a Mom, it's time to act as Santa for my son. Haha. My kiddo is actually thinking that Mr. Santa Claus really does not exist. But then again, he still hang socks in the window and put there his wish list for Christmas. I know, at the back of his mind that Mr. Santa Claus might be real after all. Or maybe, it's his way to tell me and everybody in our house what gifts he wants. LOL!

I don't want to greet everyone yet, it's too early for the greetings. I just hope everyone can buy me gifts. Happy shopping for now! Hahaha... =)

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