Sunday, November 14, 2010


It's a loooong Saturday! Since I know that it'll be difficult for me to go out at night on weekends starting next week, I make sure that I make the most out of it this time. Right after our shift I had a pizza date with my team, which I won't be handling anymore next week because I was asssigned to handle a new team. We went home after to have some sleep. Meet up with some of them again at night and have a couple bottle of beers. We went to an overlooking place to chill, drink, eat and hang-out. Then we decided to go somewhere out of the city to have our morning coffee. Haha. It was really a fun and long Saturday. I will definietly miss this!

Below are photos taken that Saturday until Sunday morning technically.. LOL!

*Pizza date with my team - which is now my former team*

*Bottle of beers to chill the night*

*Nice view - overlooking the city lights at night*

*During our way out from the city*

*Such a beautiful sunrise by the lake*

*Morning coffee*

*Our way back to the city - back to reality* 

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