Thursday, May 19, 2011


It was our company's sports fest last Sunday. It was held at UP Human Kinetics Gym. It was the opening of the said event that's why I decided to come. I just usually attend on the first or opening day. We also had our sports fest at the same venue last year. But this time, outside the gym, there's this play ground like obstacles. Seeing those amazed me and brings you back to your childhood memories. 

I remember so well how addicted I am to playgrounds when I was a kid. All those see-saws, swings, slides, play houses - they drive me crazy! I would always want to play outdoors whenever I had a chance. Playgrounds then are like heaven to me. LOL! Being in those kind of places just gives so much happiness when you're a kid. Whenever you're there, you keep on wishing that the day won't end so that you just have to stay there. Those were the days wherein the hardest decision is choosing what games to play.

Now that I have my own kid, I am thinking that maybe, if me and my son would spend 1 day at a playground, I might act more like a kid than him. Haha! Kidding aside, I got to admit that up until now, seeing playgrounds still bring out that excitement in me. It's so fun to be a kid!

The 'dirty ice cream' - they're the best! Back then, in a late afternoon, I've been waiting to hear the sound of the dirty ice cream vendor's ringing bell, coz' it means that it's time for ice cream! So childlike, I know. It's just nice to go back and reminisce your childhood once in a while. Those days where decisions were made by "enie, menie, miny, moe" and not being found in hide-and-seek was your biggest worry in life. =)

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