Tuesday, May 10, 2011


As stated in my previous post, I'll be going back to Puerto Galera. I did, together with friends. We went there Saturday morning. We didn't expect that this Galera trip will be accompanied by the typhoon "Bebeng". It was a rainy and windy experience at the beach.

The rain started Saturday night, all was still good and having fun with all the open bars that night. We thought that sun will show up the next day but the rain keeps on going. Majority of my friends (Che, Djhaye, Popz, Shayne and Lois) decided to go home Sunday afternoon though it keeps on raining and the wind is just unpredictable. Me and Slice stayed and planned to go home Monday morning, we were with Kuya Dennis and family who plans to leave as well on Monday. It was raining all through out that Sunday and wind were so strong that we all felt afraid even for just a walk outside.

We woke up early on Monday to prepare our things so we can go home. It was already sunny but still windy, that means the waves will go crazy. Our boat ride is at 10:15am, but with all those people who extended their stay and would go home that day too, all boats were jam-packed and we were able to have the 12:30pm boat ride to Batangas Port. 

The waves are too big which gives difficulty to the boat that were riding. There was something wrong with the boat that time, and I think the boatmen were just not saying it to avoid panicking for all the people out there. We were stuck at the middle of the sea for quite long while the crew were trying to fix something. When it was fixed, we were sent to the nearest beach resort and waited for another boat to fetch us. 

That beach experience was so tiring. I always felt relax whenever I'm at the beach but not this one. It was so stressful! But of course you still need to look ways how to have fun, I just can't let myself be taken away by boredom. It would just be nice if it didn't rain at all. I missed the heat of sun at the beach. :(

* Taking photos while we were stranded at the other resort 
and waiting for the next boat to rescue us. LOL! *

* A windy effect photos of me at the rooftop of the hotel 
that we're staying. Haha! *

Will I still go back at Puerto Galera? Uhmmmmm. Let's see. LOL!

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