Friday, April 23, 2010


These types of room decors looks cool. It is highly recommended if you have a little space on your room and would want to make all your stuffs to be there but still need to be organized and spacious. I think having bright paint colors for your room makes it look spacious, cozy and comfortable. I know I am not an interior designer, that's just an observation though. I like the designs from the second and fifth photo, so modern and yet cozy. I would want to make my room look like one of these. LOL.


  1. I posted some of this photos in a group on facebook named I love my bed.
    I'm still getting replies about from which site i got this photos but i do not remember Lol...
    Cool stuff

  2. I just kinda googled it, nothing to do then eventually lands to this photos. They were really cool!


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