Saturday, May 8, 2010

100th POST

I haven't written here in my blog for a couple of days and just realized that it was now my 100th post. I didn't notice the number of posts that I have here until now. Just remembering those days that I started this blog. It was around August of last year when I resigned from my previous job and I was just at home during those times. I eventually got bored by doing nothing and think of something that I can make use of my time with.

I love writing ever since and wasn't able to do it for quite some time then, so making my own blog had hit me. I enjoyed jotting here my thoughts and was able to share it with others as well. Before, I really don't have any idea how this blogging thing works. At first, I don't know what 'following' and 'followers' really meant. Until I learned it day by day. I started to have followers in a matter of days, had visited different blogs, followed those I found interesting, leave comments to those posts I enjoyed reading and can totally relate with.

It was fun writing and knowing that some people appreciates my work. I wasn't really expecting that I would have followers here who would take time to read my posts and leave comments. I feel overwhelmed whenever I received comments saying that I had made their day better just because of something that they had read on my blog. It was not really the purpose of having this blog, but got to admit that I was flattered by my followers and their comments.

Write to express and not to impress is the role of my blog. But then again, I want to thank those people who are constantly visiting this blog and wasted some time on reading it's content.


  1. Ina, i just want to let you know that i'm one of your real follower ;))
    It is a pleasure when I read your posts, the way you portray your feelings and lovely photos for illustration. Please don't stop..

  2. @ Edlin: Thank you so much. I really appreciate your comments and I'm glad to know that my works had touched you in some ways. Got to admit that I am an avid follower of your blog as well. Seems like we share the same sentiments. And don't worry, I wont stop blogging.


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