Monday, May 10, 2010


May 10, 2010 >>> Election Day!

Who will be the next President of the Philippines? That is the question that will soon be answered. I was never a fan of politics, I am not really interested and I totally hate it. I don't see any improvements in my country and it seems that everyone could just be a politician. It's been a tradition here in the Philippines that if one member of the family becomes a politician, one in every generation should follow, and one thing that looks annoying is when showbiz icons are also going into politics.

I know (and hoping that I am right) that there are some who are truthful and sincere to their motives. But if you would look at it, most of them have their own personal interest. Corruption, power and money are the things that mirrors our government. It's so sad to think that even one who haven't been in the Philippines can tell how bad our politicians are. They just simply reflect our country's status as being one of the most corrupt country in Asia and even in the world.

I was never a believer of politics, I never really tried yet to vote and was not even a registered voter. Some people have this reaction that 'You should know how to practice your right.' I agree, but then, forcing yourself to pick to the 'not so eligible candidates', it will be better for me not to vote at all. My philosophy might not be sensible, I know, maybe saying 'I really don't care' might be a little acceptable. LOL.

My apologies if harshness is visible on this post, I am just stating my opinion. I'll be straight and frank by saying that politics is very dirty in the Philippines. As to what I observed to those who were running in politics, their loyalty is on question and their dignity is at risk, all because for power.


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