Monday, March 7, 2011


They're my high school buds. We rarely see each other and when we do, time flies so fast and a day is not enough. We chat nonstop, update each other's lives, listen to every story, laugh our hearts out and whenever we check the clock, we can't believe that a lot of hours had already passed. 

We had a coffee date last night then stay at Lhan's place. We just stay there until midnight. The pictures above is what we did before we went home, had a tripod, set the cam and strike a pose! It was all fun and we can't help but laugh to ourselves. It's 2 midnight then and we were all so awake and keeps on giggling. LOL! We all have kids now but seems like we were all high school again when we're all together. It feels so good to know that we still have each other though a lot has changed with our lives. I just know that they'll always be there whenever I needed them. :)

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