Monday, March 21, 2011


Me and my team went for a drink after our shift last Saturday morning. Yes, you've read it right, drinking on a Saturday morning! We ended it up around 3pm then some of us went for a snack before going home. I wanna share the place where we ate. I love the look of that restaurant, it looks like more of a diner. It was my second time to be there. I enjoyed their food the first time I went there, that was like 8 months ago. I'm a bit disappointed from my last visit 'coz the food doesn't tastes that good. I am just thinking that maybe I am just full that's why I have not like the food that much. 

Check out the photos from my last visit:

The place has that vintage look with all those old and unique stuffs. One wall was decorated with portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, surrounded by black and white photos of old Manila. You could also see posters of Beatles and stuffs that would make you reminisce of the past. Remember the old black phone? With a circular dial pad? It was so cute to see. I got to say that it's really the interior that gives character to Mama Chit's.

What's in the table?

Photos below were from my first visit:

I enjoyed these foods more than the latest dine I had at Mama Chit's. But I'll give them the benefit of a doubt. I still have reasons to go back there. Their specialty by the way are their burgers with home made patties. The burgers were good, I have to say. Budget per person starts from 100 PhP, affordable enough.


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