Monday, August 1, 2011


My good friend Slice just celebrated her birthday and had this Hawaiian theme party. Guests were asked to dress up accordingly. It was a night full of fun. Though I got lot of bruises after the party because we keep on pulling one another to the pool. Haha! Most us don't have plans to swim but we all ended up in the pool and got home with our clothes wet!

Check out the photos from Slice's cam:

To my dear friend Slice: 

I know this is a late post and I've greeted you a lot of times already. I still wanted to thank you for always keeping up with me. Good or bad times, I can always count on you. You know exactly what's on my mind without even telling you. You're one of my few friends whom I can always have fun with, lean on when times are hard, tell everything about me and not being judged to. Super thanks! 

Date of event: July 23, 2011

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