Monday, August 1, 2011


I've been lazy updating my blog lately, so now I am going to post what I've been up these past few weeks. So expect bunch of photos on my upcoming posts. :)

I recently attended a wedding and guess what my role is - PRINCIPAL SPONSOR! Oh yeah, am I that old? I can't say no because it's my cousin. The story why me? It's because I am her godmother on her baptismal too, I was like 7 years old then, she's my first. Then she and her husband would just want to get their baptismal godmothers and godfathers to be their wedding's principal sponsors as well. I am actually okay with it, I just felt like I'm old. Haha! 

I was not able to bring my 1000D and just brought my A470 (coz I know I won't have the time to take pictures and I am again LAZY!). Here are some photos from the wedding:

Below are some photos from my cousin's cam:

 With my Mom

 Newly weds with relatives

Mommy and Daddy 


With cousin Ate Ida and Mamang (our pretty Lola) 

 With the Newly Weds - the Bride is my cousin and she is just so beautiful!

As what I always say to the couples who just got married: stay in love with each other. :)

I will always love weddings!

Date of Event: July 23, 2011

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