Monday, September 26, 2011


Here I go again, been occupied and can't find time to update my blog. Past weekends were fun as they were spent with good friends. Last Saturday (Sept. 17), me and my team for like a year decided to have some get together. It was like a reunion and farewell party as well. Reunion because new and old members of the team are invited and farewell because I'll be leaving them and will handle another team (which I am now). We visited this Turtles Family KTV at Marikina and it was a good place to hang-out, they have delicious food and nice ambiance. Everyone had a great time. Check out the pics below:

The place was nice. Check it out some time. And that same night, the Quality Team had their team building as well on the same place, they're just beside our room.  Hehe!

* S P O T T E D *

 Slice wearing white knitted sweatshirt, short jeans with braided brown belt and a caramel-colored flat shoes.

The white sweatshirt has this anchor accent at the top left which makes it trendy than just a white sweatshirt.

Braided brown belt 

Caramel-colored flat shoes

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