Monday, September 26, 2011


Date: September 24, 2011

Me and my high school girl friend Leslie decided to try this spa place called Spartea. It's a spa and at the same time, they are offering various kinds of tea. Les tried their best known Kiu Milk Tea, it's an ordinary tea with milk while I, ordered Strawberry Milk Tea which I like so much! I think I'll be addicted to milk tea now. We sipped into our teas while having our nails done. Too bad I was not able to take some photos as our nails are wet with the nail polish. VAIN - I know. Haha!

Then we went to the nearest cafe kinda bar called Arabiscato Cafe'. We weren't really hungry because of the tea but we would want to chill and have a chat, so we ended up drinking with bottles of beer and got some girl talk. It was a simple yet fun and relaxing time with a friend and we want to do this regularly. We planned on going back to Spartea so I can feature it here on my blog as well. Hmmmm, looking forward. :)

Below are photos from Arabiscato Cafe':

 Arabiscato Cafe' is a cozy place. There were also bands playing which starts at 8-9PM. We only ordered Buttered Chicken that night as we are full, and it tastes real good. It's price of Php180.00 (or Php160.00) is reasonable and we weren't expecting that it will have have a big serving. It's a nice place to hang out. 

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