Monday, December 5, 2011


Been to Anawangin before October ended. It was my first time. I've been hearing a lot of this place - the beautiful view, the pine trees, the lake, mountains that surrounds the beach and how relaxing the place is - all good things I must say. Their stories excites me and wanted so much to experience the place. So when someone invited me to come, I said YES!

The place was indeed wonderful. If you are a nature lover, you'll definitely enjoy being there. Anawangin is very popular to the mountaineering community and photographers. They are the peeps whom I kept on hearing stories about this place. And by the way, Anawangin will bring you back to basics. The place doesn't have electricity, signal and you will need to bring a tent and camp if you want to stay overnight as there are no resorts available. Cool, right? 

The place deserves to be called a Paradise. Too bad it was a little crowded when we went there because of the long weekend I guess. But the place did not fail to amuse me. I would still love to go back there and explore the place more.  

 Pine Trees



Pine trees reflecting on the Lake

 Mountains and Pine Trees


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