Monday, December 5, 2011


Yessss, I am still alive and kicking! It's been more than a month that I haven't made a post here, same goes to my photo blog. There's just a lot of stuffs going on lately that keeps me occupied. Weeks pass by too quickly, little did I know that Christmas is already around the corner. A lot of things happened in a span of one month, seems like a year. LOL. 

I seriously miss writing and posting here in my blog. This is one way for me to express my thoughts and emotions. It just feels good whenever I jot down or type in my thoughts, I wonder why. I guess it's because I am better expressing my thoughts through writing. As I always say, I'm not really comfortable being a speaker and is more of a writer. And whenever I go back and read my previous posts, it has that magical feeling of reminiscing and remembering the same exact occurrence. Weird me? I know! Haha. 

Will again be posting past events. =)

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