Monday, December 5, 2011


Attended a wedding and being the bridesmaid again. It was the wedding of my very special friend Jacky. Planning and preparations happened in a span of 2 weeks. Why the rush? Because JP, her husband now, we'll be leaving the country by next week and they wanted to get married before that. Others think that Jacky is pregnant, but sorry, she's not. Can't they just get married simply because they love each other?

They really have plans of having a wedding by April of next year. But because of the unexpected opportunity that had come their way, the planned wedding for next year has to be done the soonest time possible. We supported them all the way. Though it was all done by little time preparations, plus the fact that the rain won't stop on the wedding day itself, it was still a happy moment to cherish. It was nice to see both of them being so in love with each other.

They just knew that their love story is a DESTINY.

You may now kiss the Bride

Mr. and Mrs. De Jesus

The couple wears Chuck Taylor

Black and White Chucks

Wacky Pose

The Bride with the Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor

The Bride

after wedding, outside the couple's room

Room 903

Girl bonding before they went on honeymoon

They're excited! LOL

I will always love Weddings!

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