Friday, September 24, 2010


Remember on my Life Chucks! post, I mentioned that I'll be buying a Chucks for my kiddo. Well, we actually went then to Converse factory sale and I bought 2 pairs for him. I just realized yesterday that it was his first pair of shoelace sneakers! Which means that he don't know how to knot a shoelace yet 'coz he always have the slip-on sneakers or the ones with magic tapes on it.

So yesterday, he asked for the other pair of Chucks and told me that he would want to wear it the next day at school 'coz it's their PE day. Then he got a little worried and asks
me to teach him how to knot the shoelace. I did show him how and it's too bad that my boy is having a hard time doing it... and he is now 8 years old! So he is now starting to hate the Chucks that we bought just because he still don't know how to tie a shoelace. He ended up wearing his old sneakers with the magic tapes today. LOL!

I think I baby my kid too much that he easily gives up and would always want his Mama to help him out in everything. Hmmm... He'll learn it too, I'll be asking him to practice every now and then. Am I a freak Mom? Haha!

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