Sunday, September 19, 2010


Yesterday, after work, me and my colleagues decided to have some bottle of beers. There was a videoke machine to that place where we drink. It was actually fun to sing your fave songs or any song you like. Me and one of my colleagues suddenly remember something when one of the songs played.

Have you ever experience remembering the old times because of that song being played? It's like you were back to that specific time of your life just by listening to that song. It can never be a special one, it might have been that it was the time wherein that song was a hit.

So me and my colleague had felt it during those videoke hours of us. LOL! It's just so cool how a song or music can make you felt the exact feelings you had before. Music makes you reminisce and go back to those special memories of your life.

Music is what feelings sound like.

• photos taken that day •


  1. i agree! music makes you reminisce of something
    that's why I dont like slow rocks
    it reminds me of my ex-bf


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