Sunday, October 9, 2011


 I used to have my own dog before but I don't have much time taking care of it and so I decided to give it to someone. Last night, when I was on Vinz' house (a friend who is a dog lover too), he got a new dog named Chichi. he said it was a Shih Tzu. The dog is so cute, adorable and smart. When I arrived, he keeps on following me. I am not really much into dogs as I am a little scared getting bit. But Chichi is different, he is one of those dogs who is such a sweetheart that I would want to take him home, and my friend won't allow me of course! But then he promised me that once Chichi got his babies, he'll give me one. Yey!

Don't have a picture with Chichi but I got some pictures here with my former boss' pup.

This photos were taken like 2 weeks ago (I think). He's name is Truffles, a Chihuahua and they are the smallest breed of dog.



Me with the Owners

"People should be more like dogs. They know when to comfort, when to play, when to be funny and always love unconditionally."

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