Tuesday, October 18, 2011


October 14, 2011 - I celebrated my 28 years of existence. It's been a beautiful journey so far. Meeting different people, sharing lives with them, knowing who to keep and who to let go. I know that my life is just starting and that there will be a lot more in store for me. Being the risk-taking person that I am, future is something that I am not afraid of and will always look forward to. The journey becomes more exciting and fun if you have true friends along the way. For me, it's better to have friends that is not more than what your fingers can count, as long as all of them are true. I am proud to say that I got tons of them. 

My day becomes more meaningful because of friends that showed their love and care for me. I so appreciate their efforts to surprise me and make me feel the most special person on that day. 

I got my team who surprised me on my birthday. They set-up this balloons and Hello Kitty party hats at our work station and a cake. I am actually on leave for that day, but since they keep on calling and sending text messages for me to come to work, I was forced to. I was really touch by the gesture, I so appreciate their efforts and felt so special then. LOL!

Breakfast with good buddies...

And my Bosses treated me for an eat all you can and got the crew sang a Happy Birthday song with a cake!

I am thankful to God for giving me wonderful friends which I can treat as my family too. Thank you Lord for letting me feel that I have lots of people around me. The greetings, text messages, emails and calls from everyone are non-stop and this shows those who are worth keeping as they really took a little of their time just to make me feel special on my day. I am blessed!

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