Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Last week, after shift, I accompany my friend Slice at Bench Fix Salon to have a hair-cut. I have no plans of having my hair done. But since I am just sitting and waiting there, I was convinced by the crews that I should have something for my hair. So I decided to have a colored cellophane. I got lots of gray strands anyway, mind you - a lot! LOL. After coloring my hair, it's time for the blow dry. The stylist asked me if I wanted it to be a little wavy, I just said "OK". When it's all done, OMG! I just love the wavy effects that the stylist did to my hair. Too bad I will just go straight to bed when I come home. Haha! That's why Slice took a picture from her phone because we can't help but love the wavy hair!

Vanity strikes again! =)

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