Saturday, August 29, 2009


Sometimes those who promise to stay here with us are the ones who actually find it easy to leave us…

Same is true with people who say they genuinely love us, but then are constantly taking us for granted…

How sweet,,,
their lies are…


  1. You have written just few words and you have left me thinking....seems you have lot many things to tell..

  2. it only makes me feel sad. and i wonder why it always ended up like that. :(

  3. iNa, we as humans spend too much time in thinking and re-calculating the things that happened to us and analyzing each occult as in how that happened and why that happened to me. We dont realize that at that very moment life is on its way, it has never slowed down. Whats happened is past, whats in your hands is future!!
    Shape it the way you want it!!
    Just a thought!!:-))

  4. thanks ultimate bourne. i have the same perception though. i guess i'm the type of person who revisit past events in life and make them as my motivation to move on.

  5. thanks a lot. i appreciate your comments.

  6. very well-said..
    same goes to Ultimate Bourne's comment..
    much needed unsolicited advice! ^^v


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