Saturday, August 29, 2009


When you hear the word love, what exactly comes to your mind? Is it the feeling of joy when you are with your special someone? Or the electricity you get when you hold hands and kissed each other? Is it when a sight of a person makes your heart skip a beat? Or is true that love conquers all? So many questions, but few can really answer what love is to them.

I myself believe in love. But then it’s really hard to define the word love, because I know each of us has our own beliefs regarding this matter. I believe that everyday we experienced love in our lives, we are just not aware how, when and where? But I know that love is everywhere and it happens any time for a particular reason.

As for me, love is the most essential of human behaviors. You may have the best of health, the most comfortable homes, the most impressive of bank balances, but without love, life is empty. Love in a relationship is when both parties feel so secure, so accepted and so safe that they can share their innermost feelings, dreams, failures and successes without a doubt. Love is not defined by length of time but rather by quality of caring. It is the unconditional acceptance of another person, a give and take, two-way relationship founded in respect for one another.

It’s up to us to give love a chance. There is nothing greater in life than loving another and being loved in return for loving is the greatest of experiences. I guess you will never really know the essence of love until you yourself witness the miracle of love...

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