Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I always have my nails polished and there are just two colors for me, it's either black or any shades of red. Weird? It's been more than a year now that I always have those colors on my nails. Some friends are just asking...

why is it that you always have a black or red nail polish?

why not try something else?

how about nail art?

That is when I just realized it. I don't know. Whenever I had my nails done, I can't help but to choose black or red. There were also times that I want to try other colors but then I changed my mind at the last minute and ended with just either black or red. Haha. I can't say if that was weird, though some of my friends says it is. But I guess, those colors just looks good on my nails, that's why I always pick them. (or that's what I think so... lol...) Maybe I'll be trying other shades in some other days. I think purple would be nice or maybe I wanna try nail art? Hahaha. Let's see...

what I have now is red...


  1. hehe!

    i cant do my own nails. i always need someone to do my nails because i kind of making them look stupid if ill do it alone! haha!

  2. i also need someone to do my nails, though i can do it on my own. it's just that it will take me like 3 hours if i did it myself. lol.

    thanks for the comment!


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