Sunday, January 24, 2010


It's a Sunday morning. I am now having my second cup of coffee accompanied by a cigarette of course. Haha. I was just watching some music videos at my computer and decided to write on my blog about my fondness to COFFEE.

I am a coffee lover. My day is not complete without having coffee on my daily life. I drink my coffee with lots of sugar, I want it really sweet. And I just can't help to light a cigarette whenever I drink coffee. It is a must!

What's with coffee that I can never say NO to it? I can drink an instant coffee, brewed coffee, make it hot or cold, frappe or latte, name it. I can just start my day with a coffee and 2 sticks of cigarette and sometimes end my day with just another cup again. I drink it at anytime of the day. That's how I love coffee.

I am not addicted to coffee. Yes, I drink a lot and I need it to stabilize my brain and body for the day. But I'm not addicted. Haha!



  1. Here in England, green coffee seems to be fashionable! Here I mean green coloured coffee beans!
    Can't see it catching on though, I mean I've heard of green coffee, but surely green coffee is going a bit far!
    Confused? Yeah, so am I!

  2. I love coffee too and am trying to give it up. I also think we're brainwashed into thinking that we need it.

    Like you, I'm a smoker and nothing gets me going like my 2cupsOjava+2fags breakfast!

  3. I love the fact you light a cigarette when you drink it, even because i do the same thing during my breakfasts (when i usually drink coffee, I'm not addicted as you are... lol)

  4. @ Alice in Wonderland: Green colored coffee bean? That's something else. I am also confused. Haha. I've tasted green tea coffee, but green coffee bean - NAH!

    @ thekassandracomplex: Why give up coffee if you want it. I don't see anything wrong with it, just go on.

    @ Jojjino: It's such a pleasure for me when I drink coffee with a cigarette on my hand, really feels good.

    Thanks for the comments guys...

  5. I love coffee too...I don't think I can't function properly without it...Hahaha. How many cups do you in a day??

  6. @ mizznina: my day is not complete without having at least one cup of it. usually, i drink 3 cups of coffee in a day, when i woke up, and i got 2 cups when at work. i make sure i only have like 3, but when my body says 'more coffee', i give in. haha.

  7. Nothing smells better then a fresh brew of coffee in the morning. =) Wat a wake up call =)

  8. @ Mizzsharon: It is indeed. But it's my wake up call at any time of the day. Haha.


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