Sunday, January 31, 2010


I was browsing some old pictures on my computer when I saw the folder during the time that I was having my practice teaching. I missed those days. Teaching was actually my passion, I do love to be in front of a class, having a discussion and basically teaching students. I am the type of teacher that would always want the class to be fun because I don't want my students to be bored. My style of teaching is that I would make games every now and then, just so to review the things we've discussed from the past. My students were loving it, they are having so much fun and they were learning too at the same time. I can say that they can't wait for each time that we are going to review and have games again. It's one thing that motivates them to study and little did they know that they are already learning.

But when I had my practice teaching, I realized that it was not all about teaching. Being an educator requires a lot of dedication and love to your students. It's like a vocation, you can feel that you serve as an inspiration to your students and you should also be an example to them. Which I think I am not prepared to do. I got so many issues in life that I need to work on as well, and I am just brave enough to admit that I may not be a good example to my students. Would you like a naughty teacher for your kids? Hahaha. Well, if the time comes that I would really want to teach already, I know that I can do it with flying colors (i'm not bragging, right? LOL). I guess I'm just not ready for it now...

The woman in the middle was my mentor
when I had my second practice teaching.
I am so grateful that I had her 'coz she taught me a lot,
not just for being a teacher but with life as well.


  1. I'm so happy to see this picture and that you are a teacher too! Where were this pictures taken? Yeah, its really a difficult job to teach, isn't it? Thanks for sharing these!

  2. @ evilsquirrel01: The pictures were taken like 3 years ago, when I had my practice teaching. It is difficult but very fulfilling.


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