Saturday, January 30, 2010


Saturday... It is usually the day wherein I unwind and go out with friends. Some of my friends are planning to have a swimming pool fun later tonight. It sure sound lots of fun and I am so tempted to go. But this were one of those Saturdays wherein you would just want to stay at home, chilling at your room, laying at the bed all night, munching junk foods while watching some movies until it makes you fell asleep. Not in the mood on going out tonight and just wanna stay at my cozy room. Have a happy weekend peeps!

i feel so lazy just as this cat is...


  1. hmmm.. I really envy that cat's beer...

  2. @ evilsquirrel01: ahahaha.. i know, right.. chillin'..

  3. I just love lazy days and doing nothing but chillin'...but far too cold for a swimming pool, unless it's indoors and tropical heating!
    Here it is absolutely freezing, so staying curled up, in front of the fire, watching movies until I fall asleep is my idea of a cosy night at the moment!
    Have a great week-end!

  4. @ Alice in Wonderland: It's now quite cold here in our place as well. That is why I guess, I am not in the mood for the night swimming idea they have. I am wondering if they continue the plan. Haha.


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