Friday, January 29, 2010


If you will be given a choice to be in a place that you would love, where would it be? As for me, I would choose to stay in a beach. Everything was just so peaceful, seems that you don't have to worry anything when you're there. It's nice listening to the sound of waves, having tireless walks in the sand, loving the heat of the sun, watching the breath taking sunsets and hearing the deafening silent of the night. It's a place where things can be just plain and simple, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Such a sweet escape...


  1. i love least if im going to be in problem with

  2. OMG i wrote similar post like that before
    we have so much in common :D
    i love it
    that's the link :D

  3. @ Ampil: forest is nice too, but i prefer more to be in a beach..

    @ Nahla: i checked out the post, you're damn right, seems that we have a lot in common. i always wanted to have a tree house when i was a kid. until now, i guess, only we don't have a tree.. haha!

    much thanks for the comments...


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