Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This is my work station. Took a photo of it in my camera phone. I am soooo loving it. I like the look of the colored stuffs I got in there. Let me start off...

- The papers pinned on the side were my agents' schedules
- Pictures pinned were photos taken during our account's 1st year   anniversary
- Pink papers pinned at the side and on my monitor were job aids
- Got the Wave 1 loyalty award in there (imagine that?! LOL)
- A photo of me and my Lil Man in a pink sea horse picture holder (it's not a recent photo of us though)
- Desk organizer wherein I had my pens, post its and tapes
- Those certificates at the back was when my team ranked #1 for quality (YEY!)
- Had that crown-like pen holder where I put all the markers (from a very good friend)
- Colorful memo pad that is so useful for my team
- That Hello Kitty stuff which doesn't get tired of dancing (Haha, it's a gift!)
- My ever favorite pink Starbucks tumbler (it's my fave coz it's pink)
- See that bomb-like stuff in black and pink? (I put candies there, got it from the trainers)
- And those colored paper artsy ditsy which my agents did, so cute!

Whenever they passed on my station, they cannot help but comment on the colorful stuffs that I got there. Pink is really my fave but I also like stuffs that were colorful. Back at work, looking at these stuffs in my station makes it fun to work! They keep me motivated, I guess... Hahaha!


  1. it looks bright in the eye
    my mom painted our gate..baby pink and red
    everytime I go home I feel really bright and funny
    (pink and red..omg)

  2. thank you kish dearie..


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