Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My Valentine date? Who else but my lil' man. We had some food trips and watched a movie. He's always been my Valentine every year. It's so nice to have a date with your kid, it gives a much better feeling than a couple's date. 

He's now 9 years old. Soon, I know he'll ask some girls to be his Valentine. Would probably give flowers and chocolates to his date. I don't know! Guess I am not ready to let my son date girls that would catch his attention. I'll be a jealous Mom! Worst if I get to be the wicked Mom. LOL! But even if that time comes, still, he'll be the constant man in my life that I am sure would always be there.


  1. sweet idea Ina, - glad you enjoyed your Valentine's day with your favorite "man"!


  2. I do enjoyed it with my lil' man.. Hope you had a nice valentine as well.. :)


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