Monday, February 14, 2011


Ina - Zab - Djhaye - Che

It was Djhaye's last day at our company yesterday. He resigned and will start working for another company this week. So we spent the entire afternoon chit chatting and having fun. What we did yesterday was totally non-sense, we just wanted to spent quality time with each other. =)

It's sad 'coz we won't get to see him everyday. Though I know that we'd still be able to find time to catch up with each other's lives. But it's still much okay if we could see each other everyday, take our breaks together, coffee after work and a lot more. This time around, we won't be able to spend much time with him. I am sure he'll met new friends at his new work and would probably have less time for the old friends. That thought makes us sad. I still wish him all the luck. And I am so sure that we won't forget each other and will find time to bond again. 

You will be missed!

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