Monday, February 7, 2011


Atlas! Beach. My sweet escape, the place that I would always want to be. Being there helps me get back to 'ME'. It never failed to enliven the individuality in me. Whenever I am at the beach, things around me were simply in a state of tranquility. I will never get weary of that place.

Though I am with my team, I still had my 'Me Alone Time'. I walked alone at the shore in the morning and afternoon, enjoying the fresh breeze of air, took photos of whatever catches my eye. Being at the beach makes me loosen up with all the chaos in reality and just simply indulge with all those wonderful views.

* We did go for island hopping and being on those places just makes me forget about reality.

* In the morning, that's the time when the water is lowest or more known as low tide, that's why you could see a lot of rocks.

* Before we went home, I had my walk in the afternoon while the sun is at it's hottest, I am loving how the sunlight touches my skin.

Wishing I could stay there for long...


  1. beautifulll...!!!
    want there... love beach too!


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