Sunday, February 27, 2011


Tried last night San Miguel flavored beers with buddies. In a party or an occasion, if you're really not into drinking, and is the type who would just settle for an ice tea or juice when everyone else around you are drinking alcoholic drinks, this flavored beers would be the best for you. It has 3% alcohol, so  it's still considered an alcoholic drink. But I am telling you, no bitter taste at all. For the apple flavor, it really does tastes like an apple juice while the lemon flavor tastes like 7-up or Mountain Dew for me. They're nice and sweet. LOL! I just tried both flavors, and with the 2 bottle of those beers, it didn't get me any tipsy. Well I guess it could still get you tipsy or drunk if in case you have a low tolerance for alcohol and should be drinking like more than 6 bottles of it. Haha! I've liked it. I was able to drink some flavored beers before, and they still tastes like beers, but this one really tastes like you're drinking sodas or juice. Chill it well and I am sure you're gonna enjoy it with some very good friends. 


  1. 7-11 stores.. I think supermarkets also sell those beers now..

  2. i see i see. thanks for the tip :)


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