Friday, April 1, 2011


Me and my good friend Slice decided to eat out after our shift last Wednesday. I invited her to try this place I saw online, the place is actually called SKOW and I wanted to blog about it. But unfortunately, it's not yet opened so we ended up dining at Casa Feliz which is just a few blocks away from SKOW. It's my second time to be at Casa Feliz. The first time I went there was with my team, we had our team dinner there. Their specialty are cakes and pastries but they also served appetizers, pastas, burgers, pizza, etc. I haven't really like their food that much, it's okay and good, but not so exceptional for me.

What's in the table?

"Vida Verde Tea" 
It's their very own recipe. It says on the menu that it's a green tea with pistachio nuts. It tasted like sans rival, a little chewy because of the pistachios maybe. But I've liked it, a must try! By the way, it has fresh fruits on top which I didn't eat. I can't distinguish what fruit that is. Haha!

"Chocolate Cake"
We didn't like it. The texture of the cake is not good, even the icing doesn't tastes good. =( 

"Buffalo Wings"
This tastes good. Not so fabulous like other buffalo wings but the little kick of it's spicy sauce and the garlic mayo completes that meal. It sure is nice to go with rice. 

Vida Verde Tea 
wins over 
Chocolate Cake. 

 Slice - 
are you not enjoying 
your slice of chocolate cake? 

Buffalo wings and rice! 

We still enjoyed though, the customers are just us two then. So it's like we own the place. Casa Feliz looks like a garage style of dining and they have this huge white tent as their ceiling with fancy chandelier lights hanged on it. Plus they offer free WiFi too. Sorry I was too lazy to take photos of their place coz I was really planning to blog about SKOW, which didn't happen. 

Oh well, their slice of cake for a minimum price of Php70 is affordable enough. They have big servings for cakes. I've tasted their blueberry cheesecake before, it's not that good for me as well. Ooopsss. But I think they still have a lot to offer. So if you'r into cakes, try them!

Casa Feliz
95 Rainbow St. Hacienda Heights 
Conception Dos, Marikina City     
(632) 933-6653

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