Wednesday, April 27, 2011


A friend took these photos while I am checking the accessories available at a bazaar. For the record, I am not a shopaholic! Yes, I do love to shop, it removes the hell out of me, but I am not a shop till you drop kinda girl. Love at first sight always happened to me though, whenever I am in a mall and something I really like catches my eye, I have to bring it home. Because if not, I'll kept on thinking about it, imagine how hard it is? LOL! Shopping somehow helps me get relaxed, it's like a therapy. =)


  1. such random pics are good memory....

  2. same here! It really,really breaks my heart if I didn't get what I want from the first sight!

  3. @ akd: Indeed! Random pics tells a lot.

    @ Ar-Ar: It's really heart breaking. Us girls.... Hahahah!


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