Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Me and my best girl Marriah haven't gone out and bond lately. We are occupied by our own stuffs in life. The last time we went out was like 2 weeks ago and that is with my good friend Slice. Though we work at the same company, we haven't take our breaks together that much 'coz we have different schedules. On her last break earlier, she dropped by at my station and asks how am I doing. I answered "I'm okay", then she stared at me for a second and asks again with "Why? What's wrong?" I said there's just a lot going on lately. Then she argue that I am not okay. She waited until my end of shift as she dismiss at work an hour early than me, and offered a coffee date to talk things over. 

Sometimes that's just what we need. A friend that is willing to accompany you during those bad days. They really don't need to give their advices, just listening to your wimps and letting you feel that they'll be there is enough.

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